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At MinaLima we are intrigued and enchanted by all things graphic. It’s our passion. We aim to be less than conventional and much more than ordinary.

Hello! I like to go hunting around in book shops until I find something old and full of inspiration. So, every Wednesday and Friday I will show you one of these books, as I find so many things in shops that I have developed quite a large collection and they are all sitting comfortably in the MinaLima bookshelves.

Here is the first book I wanted to show you all; this is a soldiers’ service records and pay book, with all the related info on Sgt. Edward Murphy, including measurements, next of kin, terms of service, leave records. It’s amazing! So much history in one little book, which such a lovely design. It is very thick card, with fantastically clear fonts, and even a pouch at the back with his record of service. This is a fantastic find, and very useful for design inspiration in graphic props.

Hope you like it!

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