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At MinaLima we are intrigued and enchanted by all things graphic. It’s our passion. We aim to be less than conventional and much more than ordinary.

Hi everyone! Sorry that we have been so quiet. Life is very busy at MinaLima towers. We will be sharing with you all very soon! :-)

I couldn’t wait any longer to share this book I found last week. I love it – especially the illustrations!

“Frailty Thy Name” published by George Allen & Unwin Ltd (1947) edited by Paul Guermonprez and illustrated by Leo Meter.

The meaning of the expression “Frailthy Thy Name is woman” – Alluding to the alleged inherent weakness of character of women, and the origin cames from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, 1602.

I had never heard about Leo Meter the illustrator, researching online I found this and it is fascinating – “Leopold August Longin Meter was born in Cologne, Germany in 1911, the offspring of a long line of socialists and artists. At the age of twelve he was already receiving lessons in painting and drawing at a workshop at the Cologne Opera House. He later studied with Heinrich Campendonk at the Art Academy of Dusseldorf. In 1932, at age twenty-one, he took the position of set designer at the Junge Volksbuhne, a leftist-oriented children’stheater in berlin. He also participated in the socialist Youth Movement. In 1933 Leo, along with everyone else who worked for the Junge Volksbuhne, was arrested by the Nazis and sent to a concentration camp. Upon his release, he fled ot Amsterdam, where we met and, in 1936 married, Elisabeth Plaut, a Jew from Frankfurt, who had fled Germany to escape persecution. Leo illustrated books, including one children’s book, and worked at the children’s theater, De vrolikje Brigade. In 1940, when the Nazis occupied Amsterdam, Leo and Elisabeth had to divorce under the Nazis’ race laws. He worked in the resistance, and in 1942 was arrested again. The Gestapo sent him to the Wehrmacht, the German army. His army unit was sent to Ukraine, where he penned the Letters to Barbara, for his four year old daughter. On July 26, 1944, Leo Meter died in action in Poland.” What a sad story.

If you come across any more illustrations by him please let me know.


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