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Eduardo has his books, I have my desire list! iDesire (someone make me an app)…

As with Eduardo’s books, this will be updated once a week with a new item that I want want want.

So let’s start with this lovely wrap skirt from sadly now sold out, it was $50 and I imagine they shall be coming back into stock soon. There are other fantastic skirts and clothes on the website, but this skirt did it for me. In case you want to scour the earth for it, it’s called “vast wrap skirt”.

Because of this hiccup, I feel guilty so I’m going to include another desire of mine. (yes…a double post!). Here is a couple of romantic rings from London designer Zoe Arnold, the fly ring called “Open Windows with Absent Views”, the other called “The Glint From a Frosty Breath”. These are two pieces of a set of seven rings based on the poem “Several Sharp Sentences on a Moon Lost Night”

P.S. Remember to keep sharing the Titanic post for a chance to win a signed copy of the “Wreck and Sinking of the Titanic”


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