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At MinaLima we are intrigued and enchanted by all things graphic. It’s our passion. We aim to be less than conventional and much more than ordinary.

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Thank you so much for your wonderful enthusiasm during our contest for the Printorium Countdown…

In spite of all the arguing amongst certain contestants, we have whittled down the numbers to three deserved winners. Many of you had nearly all of the correct answers, but the three with the most detailed correct answers were:

1. Ryan Dowell

2. Julie Mason

3. Kiko Sanchez

CONGRATULATIONS! You will each receive a top secret, mystery package from minalima towers containing…you guessed it, a surprise!

Thank you for being so patient with waiting for the results, as you can imagine we have been super busy with THE PRINTORIUM, and all of our jetlag from LeakyCon Chicago.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the fantastic Karen Kavett filmed an exclusive interview with us at LeakyCon


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Here is the full interview at LeakyCon 2012 from Karen Kavett!!

Karen asked a lot of questions…phew! And hopefully this interview answers a lot of your FAQ’s :-)


Thomas Love a young graphic designer won the Olympic Poster Competition and in return we are showcasing his work here on the minalimablog! Here is his second piece he sent us…


In his own words: “This is a piece of my most recent work. I was commissioned by Halifax YMCA to create a new website for them. This also included a redesign of the logo and marketing materials including posters, flyers and loyalty cards. When designing a new logo, I tried to keep it modern but still respectful to its history. I tried to keep a consistent brand image across the website and all of the marketing materials to give it all a professional feel.” – Thomas Love

Also, our brand new Printorium Website is fully live and available to browse (or shop!). Limited edition prints, and high quality reproductions of Harry Potter Graphic Art.







Congratulations to our winner of the Olympic Poster Design competition which we were running during the London Olympic Games, London 2012. Here is a an interesting piece of graphic design work by Thomas Love for you all to look at.

On his own work:

“Last summer, my friend Katie and I, decided that instead of having a standard Halloween party, we should do a murder mystery instead and that if we were going to do so we might as well go the whole way! One of our all-time favourite films is the 1985 cult classic ‘Clue’. We took this amazing film as inspiration and created a complete murder mystery party for 15 people!  From scratch!
Katie wrote a lot of the back stories and prompts for the characters whilst I concentrated on the graphics and the props. Above are just some of them including book covers, newspaper cuttings, business cards, birth certificates and much more. Each one of them had some link to the story and would help uncover the murderer. For example, what appears on first sight to be a fun prop of a book actually turns out to be a vital clue to a long hidden secret!
The evening was a great success and the murderer was revealed, but I’m not going to tell you who!”
This is a fantastic tip for any new designer, if there isn’t any work around, make it for yourself or friends! You never know when someone might want to see your portfolio.

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Thank you for sending in your designs!
We were so undecided about the winning entry that we’ve chosen a main winner and a runner up! For different reasons but both are intelligent, lovely to look at and communicative.
Interesting that nobody used the official Olympic logo or font..? Is that because everyone was as offended by them as we were?!


This is really well laid out and communicates exactly what the Olympics includes, both by including the marketing message and by showing which sports are covered. We like the way each sport has been given equal importance by all being part of a fantasy London Underground map – reference to location is really important in this kind of poster, and it has been done without being overwhelming.
The subtle reference to the Olympic rings adds another intelligent layer to the design – could be a little too subtle for some viewers though!
We’d love to see this with the top lines of text in metallic gold and silver… We presume that’s what was intended?!
As Londoners, this feels quintessentially London. Contemporary yet with a reassuring nod to the past.

RUNNER UP – LONDON EYE….Felipe Gabriel

This is so pleasing to look at; the colours, shapes, composition and font choice. We’re wondering if this is intended to be a screen print since the decision to use just two colours and the font choice suggest this. We’d love to see this distinctive design treated with some (screen printed) textures! It would also be good to reference the colours of the Olympic rings, still using this retro palette. Elegant and essential, suggestive of the beauty of this city by referencing just one modern landmark in a nostalgic style.

We expect great things from both of these talented young designers, and we will be featuring more work from them throughout the week.



Thank you to all who took part: Ian Boyle, Felipe Gabriel, Theodora Sutton, Johann Schumacher, Thomas Love, Ryan Dowell, Ryan Glover

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We’re back in the country safe and sound but massively jet lagged! What an experience! Thank you all so so much for the support and the amazing audience at LeakyCon.

Now we know that you’re all tweeters and facebookers so we would love it of any of you had any pictures from LeakyCon that you’d like to share with us. (preferably from our panel!) and then we can put all of them up here on the blog. Send them over to and we can begin building our LeakyCon Chicago gallery.

One more day until we go through our Olympic posters so please send us your ideas as well.

Love from London!

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The Olympics are over (well the first bunch, now it’s time for the paralympics!) and Team GB have done an incredible job, I tend to count 3rd place as 1st seeing as China and the USA are always at the top, so congrats to all the amazing athletes who took part in London 2012.

As promised here are all the entrants for the Olympic poster design competition we have been running. Which is your favourite? We’re still at LeakyCon Chicago so we thought we’d give you another few days to submit your design. Go on, have a go!


Thank you for all the amazing support on The Printorium and make sure to like our facebook page HERE

Keep the comments coming in, it’s lovely to see so many of you interested in our work. Thank You!

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