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At MinaLima we are intrigued and enchanted by all things graphic. It’s our passion. We aim to be less than conventional and much more than ordinary.

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At MinaLima, the art of book design plays quite a big role in our portfolio of work. We have done quite a lot of book design in the past and on some recent projects as well, to be revealed soon. We really enjoy projects that involve this element of design as it’s a fascinating territory and there is so much to learn in order to master the art well.

Book design featured heavily for us as part of our work on the Harry Potter films, especially towards the end as the role of some books invovled played a pivotal part in the plot.

One of those books was ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’ which was a very unique piece of book design as it included many design methods such as foiling, blocks and dye cuts. This book was featured in The Deathly Hallows Part One, and the front cover of the book is now part of the print range for sale on The Printorium.

Since work on the early Harry Potter films, the Wyvern Bindery in Clerkenwell has played a big role in the creation of the books we have designed. They offer bespoke binding services and specialise in smaller/one off productions of very unique designs. The skill involved in the beautiful work they produce is a rare find, and they have been a true asset to the work we’ve created over the years.

We were recently thrilled to hear about the launch of the London Centre for Book Arts which has just opened in East London. It is the UK’s first open-access educational book arts centre and they offer workshops and classes in paper making  letterpress printing, bookbinding and book arts. We think it’s wonderful that an establishment has opened which educates and values the details and skills involved in book arts. Let us know if you’re planning a visit, we sure are!

Below are images displaying some of our book design work, including designs for the Harry Potter Films and a more recent WOOP Studios publication.

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We are extremely chuffed at the moment at MinaLima for the attention The Printorium has been receiving. Our most recent accolade is the launch of a range of Printorium prints in none other than the iconic Harrods store in London. What an honour that Harrods is the first retailer to host our work, of which we’re very proud indeed!

Such a unique store, one which manages to really capture the essence of imagination and adventure in every customer, no matter one’s age or interest.

As you walk into the children’s toy department and wind your way through the jungle of life-size teddies and never ending train sets, the child inside is awakened as you rememberyour imagination being swept away, boundless as it was at that age! You then come to the Children’s Reading room which has a copy of every single book and series you could think of, from Beatrix Potter to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Yet another part of the store in which hours could be spent reading away, getting lost in different make believe worlds.

It is in this section that The Printorium collection proudly stands, the prints themselves visually representing the imagination and detail which went into the creation of the Harry Potter tales. Above the stand of limited edition Printorium prints hangs ‘He Who Must Not Be Named Returns’. This will be instantly recognisable to fans of the films and as this print is such a key part of the collection with its captivating message, we hope it will draw the crowd in to see more.

The Printorium work also stands alongside a huge display of Harry Potter merchandise, including the Noble collection which includes replica props which we designed for the films. So all in all it’s a bubble of Harry Potter magic – now with authentic prints from the film to take home. We are so excited about the future of The Printorium and hope our collection in Harrods adds to the wonder of the world of Harry Potter!

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Hi Everyone! What a busy past week it has been with a haunting Halloween and explosions of Fireworks in the night skies.

Now that the nights are peaceful once again, we wanted to share something related to the past week’s festivities that we think is quite inspirational. We have dug out some vintage Fireworks packaging that has managed to capture the excitement of the colours and explosions witnessed on Fireworks night.

Fireworks themselves have a lot of history due to their origin, but so does their packaging as it has played an important role over the years in how people perceive them. The packaging has developed hugely and nowadays has a lot of restrictions due to health and safety regulations which need to be acknowledged. However, we hope you agree that these vintage designs are brilliant and exuberant pieces of work!

For those of you who know about our collection on The Printorium, we have recently added some new prints which are for sale! Some of the design work we did for these prints reminds us of the vibrant and exciting Fireworks packaging art you can see below.

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Congratulations to our winner of the Olympic Poster Design competition which we were running during the London Olympic Games, London 2012. Here is a an interesting piece of graphic design work by Thomas Love for you all to look at.

On his own work:

“Last summer, my friend Katie and I, decided that instead of having a standard Halloween party, we should do a murder mystery instead and that if we were going to do so we might as well go the whole way! One of our all-time favourite films is the 1985 cult classic ‘Clue’. We took this amazing film as inspiration and created a complete murder mystery party for 15 people!  From scratch!
Katie wrote a lot of the back stories and prompts for the characters whilst I concentrated on the graphics and the props. Above are just some of them including book covers, newspaper cuttings, business cards, birth certificates and much more. Each one of them had some link to the story and would help uncover the murderer. For example, what appears on first sight to be a fun prop of a book actually turns out to be a vital clue to a long hidden secret!
The evening was a great success and the murderer was revealed, but I’m not going to tell you who!”
This is a fantastic tip for any new designer, if there isn’t any work around, make it for yourself or friends! You never know when someone might want to see your portfolio.

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We’re back in the country safe and sound but massively jet lagged! What an experience! Thank you all so so much for the support and the amazing audience at LeakyCon.

Now we know that you’re all tweeters and facebookers so we would love it of any of you had any pictures from LeakyCon that you’d like to share with us. (preferably from our panel!) and then we can put all of them up here on the blog. Send them over to and we can begin building our LeakyCon Chicago gallery.

One more day until we go through our Olympic posters so please send us your ideas as well.

Love from London!

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The Olympics are over (well the first bunch, now it’s time for the paralympics!) and Team GB have done an incredible job, I tend to count 3rd place as 1st seeing as China and the USA are always at the top, so congrats to all the amazing athletes who took part in London 2012.

As promised here are all the entrants for the Olympic poster design competition we have been running. Which is your favourite? We’re still at LeakyCon Chicago so we thought we’d give you another few days to submit your design. Go on, have a go!


Thank you for all the amazing support on The Printorium and make sure to like our facebook page HERE

Keep the comments coming in, it’s lovely to see so many of you interested in our work. Thank You!

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So far so much stuff is happening right now at LeakyCon! We’re all very tired but excited to be here but as you can imagine we have been doing nothing but setting up and setting up and setting up….dusting…eating….dusting again….framing….setting up again.

So anyway here are some photos from our trip so far!










Anyone else here at leaky??

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