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At MinaLima we are intrigued and enchanted by all things graphic. It’s our passion. We aim to be less than conventional and much more than ordinary.

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Alvin Lustig was a designer who divided his talents among many areas; architecture, textiles, graphics and book cover design to name a few. He lived in America for the most part of his life and became an iconic designer who created work which was years ahead of his era, consistently bringing a fresh angle to the design industry.

At the age of 21 he became a freelance printer and typographer, doing jobs on a letterpress, with which he started creating ‘abstract geometric designs’. His work appeared as revolutionary in the 1940s and he became well known due to his expertise in almost all of the design disciplines, even from record albums to specialized parking lot signs.

He spent part of his career focusing on book sleeve designs which in his day were mostly illustrative rather than decorative. He opposed the typical cover design shown through one generalized image. Instead he used methods such as typographic craft, symbolism and strong composition. His most famous piece of work was the cover design for ‘3 Tragedies’ by Garcia Lorca, which you can see below.

Lustig temporarily moved to New York where he worked as a visual researcher for Look Magazine. This is where he began to explore interior and industrial design before moving back to L A in 1946, where he set up his own company specializing in architectural furniture and fabric design. When Lustig was employed he wanted to be involved in every element of the design process, from business card design to the office building itself. He had a unified vision when it came to his design work, hence why getting involved with all design aspects was key.

Sadly, diabetes had affected Lustig throughout most of his life and by 1954 he was virtually blind. It didn’t stop him continuing with his work however, with help from his wife and assistants he was able to direct them down to every last detail.

Lustig died in 1955 at the young age of 40, leaving the potential for his future career untold. He left behind a legacy of design work, which to this day still influences and inspires designers like us, and across multiple fields, due to the breadth and skill of his work.

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At MinaLima one of the main aspects of graphic art that we love is typography. You can probably tell this already through our work featured on The Printorium and Woop Studios.

Depending on what we’re working on, so many different things can inspire us when it comes to typography. A lot of our inspiration comes from old books which harbour historic fonts. In particular, we look at the way in which letters were formed using ink and pressure applied from the artist’s or writer’s hand, and how they created the fonts and certain shapes with the letters that they did.

Some of the images below are from our reference archive which we consistently use as our main source of inspiration, and as a library of typography we know and love. We regularly add to the archive by scanning in particular fonts we find in books which are old or new, contemporary or original.

Even though it can be challenging recreating an authentic font when using computers rather than working by hand with ink and paper, it’s the type of job we love doing and doing well. When we do use digital resources, our favourite place to look is – this website has an array of eclectic fonts which are all unique and inspiring. A great gem to have!

Our work below highlights our passion for typography and its importance in the designs we create, as it can completely manipulate the look and feel of a piece of work – from the mood the art creates to the historic or magical atmosphere it’s trying to encapsulate.

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*Rules* —> The person with the most correct answers over the days to The Printorium will be the winner. If in case of a tie, we will have a tie breaker question! (Winner gets a special mystery prize)

P.S. Look at these lovely pictures from our last winner Fiorenza Fitti

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